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Brazil is one of the premier destinations in the world to find sex.  Each year 1000s of men from around the world travel to Brazil to find sexual pleasures with Brazil's beautiful women who are more than happy to please.  This site is a guide for finding those women! 

And the women in Brazil are beautiful!  When I am in Rio de Janeiro I love to walk around on Copacabana Beach and see all the women in small bikinis with their nice firm Brazilian asses.  Here is a photo!

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Look at these Brazilian beach asses!

Brazilian sex is incredible.  The women (garotas) look great walking on Rio's beaches.

One of the best places to find escorts in Brazil is at Help Disco.  Help is a disco like most others in the world.  Except in Help you will find hundreds of beautiful women who are available for the night.  In Portuguese escorts are called "gata de programa". 

Help Disco is full of gata de programas every night.  You'll also find a lot of freelancers and amateurs.

Unlike their mean-spirited counter parts in the United States, these women are available and ready to please.  Most women in Help ask about 200 Real (about $80 USD) for a night of unlimited pleasure.  An excellent bargain compared to prices in more advanced countries.

Meia Pataca in Rio

Next to Help Disco is Meia Pataca.  That is an open air bar/restaurant which is popular with gatas de programa (Brazilian escorts)

The Single Traveler should also not forget to visit a Termas in Brazil when in Rio.  A Termas is part bar, part nightclub and part whorehouse.  They include rooms where you can take your new friend for a quick ride.   When you enter a Termas you often pay a flat rate price which includes all your drinks and a girl of your choice!  I will explain more about these places inside the site.

Photos of Girls! As I continue to develop this site I will be adding more and more photos of girls.  I have a large collection of over 500 Brazilian girls who I have been with over the years.   Right now I have to get most of them scanned.  But there are some here now to give you an idea of what I will be adding.

Reports! I have written several reports of my experiences in Brazil that are included in the site.  As the site grows I will continue to add more and more information about my sex travels.

This web-site is a continuing work.  I plan to update it as often as possible as new information comes in.  So bookmark it now!   If you have any reports or photos of your trips to Brazil, please Email me them so I can include them on the site!

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